Slim replica watch with simple dial but exquisite workmanship

Starting the conquest journey since 1932, Calatrava is considered a lifesaving collection of the crisis business of Patek, Philippe & Cie brands in particular and the industry in general. Regardless of expectations, Calatrava watches with metal cases have successfully left a good impression in the hearts of fans. The Patek Philippe Calatrava replica watches has so far been reminiscent of an elegant, slim watch with a simple dial but delicately finished.

The first Calatrava replica watch with the code ref. 96 and produced for a long time. Specifically, the fact that customers are extremely fond of the Calatrava ref. 96 led Patek Philippe to continuously produce this model for more than 40 years (from 1932 to 1973). The Calatrava model is produced in 31mm x 9mm size, compact and very elegant. In fact, while providing ref. 96, the Patek Philippe brand also produces other Calatrava models in different sizes.

Later, the replica Patek Philippe brand produced many more Calatrava models with different models or sizes, but the Calatrava ref. 96 has always been one of the most representative of dresswatch watches, designed in the classic style of the brand. Produced from 1982 until 1999, the Calatrava 3796 model is a generation of timepieces designed with the characteristics of the original Calatrava movement such as its 31mm diameter and a tapered, curved lug shape. .

Bright and lustrous white, the replica PateRk Philippe Calatrava 3796P is in platinum. The classic 31mm diameter watch case is finished with two finishes: polished and brushed. The front surface on the Calatrava 3796P's case is polished while the side edges are brushed along the body of the watch. The tiny crown at 3 o'clock has a polished Calatrava motif that stands out above the brushed surface. The watch is designed with a sealed bottom and it is not recommended to be exposed to much water, simply, the Calatrava 3976 is not a replica watch manufactured according to the current process. If you do not want water and dirt to enter, affecting the movement on the cal hand. 215 PS inside, best avoid giving Calatrava ref. 3796 exposure to water is best.

In terms of size, designed by Patek Philippe Calatrava 3796P in reminiscent of the ref. 96 is filled with success so it has a diameter of 31mm. This size makes the replica watches uk compact on men's wrists and is easy to fit inside elegant shirt sleeves. With the current 31mm size, even female customers can wear the current replica watch. The elegant alligator leather strap will be responsible for securely and conveniently fixing the Calatrava 3796 on its owner's wrist.